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When you publish an entry on your own blog that relates to an entry on another blog, you can use the "Trackback" function to add a link to the entry you have written onto the original entry. They are sometimes abbreviated as TB.

Using the trackback function, you can let people reading the original entry know about the existence of your own entry. As the trackback function is not a specialised function of blogs, but a general blog function, you can use it to connect to any blog on any site.

Also, we run a "Trackback Ranking" at the Trackback Centre. The ten blogs with the highest number of trackbacks on the previous day will be ranked.

The ranking data is not a total, and is cleared and totalled each day, so there's a chance that anyone can rank in. The people with the highest trackback count from other blogs to an entry written on Buttobi will display in the ranking.

Added 27 April 2005

- In order to prevent trackback spam, Hatena Diary is only accepting trackbacks from the same entry URL once. Also, their system is that trackbacks are denied if that entry does not include "blog title" and "other person's URL".

Trackbacks can also not be made from Adult Blogs or blogs that require member confirmation.

- In order to prevent trackback spam, CocoLog has made its members able to set IP restrictions, so please be careful as some blogs will allow trackbacks and some will not.

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