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Please make error reports here.

If there is something that you think is an error or problem, please submit a comment here.

If we are also notified of the how to bring about the error we can make improvements more quickly. If details of how to bring about the error are not provided, we may be delayed in dealing with the situation.

If we cannot confirm the condition of the error then we cannot fix it as well.

* Details of what actions bring about what effects
* PC information such as operating system, browser, and their respective versions.

Please supply the above information in as much detail as possible.

Comments that are about
* things that have been resolved
* things that are not errors (cases where the problem was a simple failure or mistake)
* things that cannot be confirmed
* things of uncertain meaning
* things unrelated to the blog
may be deleted.

Also, requests regarding features do not go here, please leave a comment on the entry for feature requests.

For matters that are actually errors, they will be improved, and a report entry published in the development log.


Comments regarding the following problems have all been looked at, and work on improvements is being carried out.

- Comment and trackback spam prevention features
- Improvement to the features for deleting comments, trackbacks and entries (batch deletion, selective deletion)
- Errors in the mobile phone management screen Blog Manager

Your patience whilst waiting for improvements to be made is much appreciated, please accept our humblest apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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