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I want to submit using my mobile phone

You can submit entries from mobile phones and other mobile devices as well as from computer e-mail.


On the Settings Menu, click "Settings"
Click the "Mobile Settings" tab
Select the category you want to submit to
Enter the e-mail address to use for submission
(* As this e-mail address can be used to submit entries, make sure not to let anyone else find it out.)
Enter the contributor's e-mail address
(*If all fields are left blank, there will be no limit to who can submit)
Click the "Change the information in all tabs at once" button

Enter the entry title in the e-mail subject
Enter the entry contents in the e-mail body
Attach images/videos for the entry to the e-mail
Send to the e-mail address set in (4) of STEP 1

Jul 07 | Mobile Phones | Admin

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