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I want to use Free Space / Blog Parts

You can create Original items in the Blog Menu.
Up to three Original Menus can be created.
(Tags may be used, maximum 2000 characters)
Blog Parts, etc. can be installed.

On the Settings Menu, click "Basic Settings"
Click the "Original" tab
Click the Original button where you want to create
Enter the item you want to display
Click the "Change the information in all tabs at once" button

On the Settings Menu, click "Design Change"
From "Displayed menu items and their position", move "Original" in "Undisplayed" to the Menu with the arrow icon
Click the eye icon and in the screen shown below, enter the name that you want
Click the "Apply" button

- You can set menu items to undisplayed with the icon
- You can move menu items up and down with

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