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I want to add trackbacks

Adding trackbacks is possible if you specify the "Trackback URL" of the blog you want to link to when submitting a new entry.

Please click "Other Settings" on the new entry submission screen. In the screen that appears when you click, there is an item called "Trackback URL". Please enter the trackback URL of the other person's blog that you want to add a trackback to here.

If you then click the "Submit" button you can submit an entry with a trackback to the other person's blog.

Video Explanation
Check Simple Blog User Guide "Other Settings"

Add a trackback to here too!
--- Trackback Centre ---

This is for practicing with trackbacks
For trackback practice

- When you want to add a trackback to a blog -
At the bottom part of the entry you want to add a trackback to there is an item called "trackback". If you click here, the trackback URL for that entry will be displayed.

This URL has an expiration date, so after a fixed time it becomes invalid. You can't add trackbacks using old URLs, so it's recommended to get the trackback URL you want to use just before you submit your article.
(Refreshing will display the latest URL)

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