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My First Blog (Part 4)


You can select whether or not to allow trackbacks from readers.

Posting date/time

You can change the posting date/time. If you want to write a diary for a previous day, or want to modify a submitted entry but not change the date, you can use this.

Ping Sending

Ping is a system where when you update you can send a notification of this to a site that collects update information for various different blogs. Without having to busy yourself with publicising your blog yourself, you can notify the readers of these Ping sites that there has been an update to your blog (a new submission).

11 sites are setup already:


  • goo BLOG

  • BlogPeople

  • Technorati JAPAN

  • Yahoo! Blog Search


  • I Know.

  • See, Read, Blog

  • Google Blog Search

  • Myblog JAPAN


It is recommended to put a check next to all of them in order to increase access.

So, if you're ready, click the "Submit" button and try writing an entry. Once submitted, you can see check the entry by going to "My Blog" at the top left of the page and checking your blog.

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