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CSS Style reference chart

- Design Type: Standard -
* Clicking an image will display it in full size.
The whole design will display in the center with fixed width.

The width of the whole design will display as 960px ("inside" is 760px) when the menu is put on one side, and as 1160px ("inside" is 960px) when arranged on both sides.

If the browser window is expanded horizontally, the background (background of "body") at the back of the whole design ("design_all") spreads out.


- Design Type: Wide -
*Clicking an image will display it in full size.
By sliding the two title images that have been prepared,
the size of the title area will change in accordance with the size of the browser window.

The width of the whole design ("design_all"), as well as of "inside", will be set at 100%.
Using this, it will be displayed at full size in the currently open browser, matter what the window size.


- Each style rule chart for "design_all" -
*Clicking an image will display it in full size.

Currently, each respective style rule for the blog's design is specified in a table called "design_all".
"design_all" is used for all template design.


Many websites have detailed explanations of CSS (StyleSheets), so no explanation will be given here.
(Please understand that we do not offer support with CSS description methods, etc.)

These figures are useful to know StyleSheet reference charts for when customising's Blog with unlimited posts. At a glance you can see which area will be affected when you change what.

For example, please use them to customise CSS in the following ways.
*When you want to change the color of an entry's table, change the part that specifies the color of the ".tbl" area.
*When you want to make a design that inserts lines in the blog's whole design, specify the ".bg_left" and ".bg_right" area.

Please find them useful when customising your blog.

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