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Image Upload

If you want to put images that you have prepared yourself in a blog entry, you need to add (upload) them here.

From the Blog Management Screen "Edit Menu", clicking on "Image Files" will display the images page. You can upload images from the "Add Images" option here.

Also, when submitting a new entry, if you click on the "Insert Image in Entry" area, you can call up the image file page and upload images while in the middle of creating an entry. Clicking "Insert Image in Entry" will display options for images. If you click the "Upload Image" button at the bottom here, it will change to the screen for adding (uploading) images to use in a blog entry.

Uploading Images

"Image Title"

You can enter an image title. You can give the image any title you want, so it's best to put a title that will be easy to remember later.

"Image Selection"

Select the file you want to upload.

"Caption Image Size"

Choose what size you want to display thumbnails at in the entry and click add.

- Small Display (Maximum 128x128) Text will appear to the left of the image.
- Medium Display (Maximum 256x256) Text will appear to the right of the image.
- Large Display (Maximum 512x512) Text will appear underneath the image.

Images have now been added to the Blog's Image Files.

You can confirm whether to display images put in Image Files as text or as thumbnails. When displaying as text, if the browser you are using is Internet Explorer, image thumbnails will be displayed by putting your mouse over the image title.

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