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About creating Adult Blogs

For material of a content only suitable for viewing by people over the age of 18, please use an Adult Blog.

The standard for what is not suitable will be entrusted to the judgement of the individual blog user, and controlled by self responsibilty. can take no responsibility for content published by blog users.

When creating an Adult Blog the following is prohibited.
- The publication of images of sexual acts, exposed genitals, and so forth, that may cause discomfort to the viewer.
- The public display of drawings deemed obscene by Japanese Criminal Law Article 175.
- Other illegal acts and so forth that are deemed to be prohibited by the User Agreement
- Users under 18 creating Adult Blogs
- Also, anything which conflicts with any laws, regulations or rules, or is deemed by our company as in danger of causing trouble

Please be aware in advance that accounts that fall under any of the above will be suspended or deleted.

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