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My First Blog (Part 2)

Right, let's start writing the contents of an entry.


In order to submit entries you will need create categories, and must assign a category to each entry that you submit. Categories are how the entries are sorted, so you can make them using any name you like such as "music" or "movies".

- First, please click on "Category Settings" on the right-hand side, and create a new category.
- Return to the "New Post" screen, and from there select a category for the entry you will submit.


Enter a title for the entry you want to submit.

Main text

In the main text area, write the contents you want to submit.

In the case that you want to add links or images, change the text (font), or display icons in the entry (main text), place the mouse cursor at the point you want to input, click the "URL", "IMG", or "FONT" button, and a window for entering the details will open.

If you enter the contents here and click "OK", the HTML tag will be automatically entered at the point you want to insert at. In the case that you want to display an icon in the main text, click on the icon and the icon ('s tag) will be automatically inserted.

Of course, if you know the tag, it is also possible to enter the HTML by yourself.

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