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I want lots more access!

Increasing blog access is very simple.
Please refer to the following as an example of how.

Put up lots of entries
Put up images and videos to gain attention
Send Update Notices (Ping)
Use comments and trackbacks
Find blog friends
Register your blog on a community site
Register for access ranking
Exchange links

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- Recommended Useful Tools -
*Free Online Usage System PAKAPEKO ONLINE
(Access tracking, send and receive messages, access counter, real-time access information notifications)

- About Trackbacks -
Blog have a function called "trackbacks". It works by adding links to your entry to another blog. Because trackbacks are common to all blogs, it does not have to be another blog. If you read an entry on a blog that has a lot of access, and then add a trackback to that blog to an entry with similar contents that you publish on your blog, readers of the original blog will also come to your blog.

However, as this is a feature for when you write an entry related to the entry on the original blog, please avoid adding trackbacks to completely unrelated entries.

When you have no ideas for an entry, write content related to a blog with lots of access and add a trackback.

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